in love with you

i am in love with you

and that is all i know

but this love has me worried

has me completely unsure.


it seems like we are of different worlds

and perhaps our history has ruined any chance

of the future i dream of


for now, all i know is

i’m completely in love with you

and no one seems to be near as beautiful


and i know my words can seem flowery at times

but i can’t dress this up even if i wanted to

i just want to tell you, i’m in love with you

plain and simple, i wish


but it’s not plain

perhaps it could be simple


i think about you everyday

and everyday i hold back

from telling you these words

afraid it would sound cheap


but i just want you to know

i am in love with you.


cliches have never been more genuine

not a day goes by that i don’t wish

you were here to share it with me

to laugh at silly things, mostly each other

to try new things, and share stories

to just have time to adore you for all that you are

that timid smile drawn from beautiful lips

shining eyes ever so sincere

and to hold your hands and feel like home

to snuggle up in bed at the end

or beginning

or all parts of the day

and snooze away


when i walk around this strange new city

appreciating everything for the first time

my mind constantly wanders to you


but that sense of naive romanticism

is often bitterly followed by a pang of pragmatism

sour, lack of self worth

i’m not _________ enough


but i’ll indulge in my dreamy thoughts

because you make me happy

and i’m in love with you.





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