We Start and End at the Start – In

I can promise you the world and I can

give you all that I have to give

and you will be happy and you

will be miserable at times too, and will

you be okay with that, or are you

not the kind who’s up for that, not

one who has patience, for someone

like me, imperfect in every way, like

different worlds, one who struggles to be indifferent

cares too much about the little things and cares

way too much about the big things, lost his way

sometimes, but never stops looking, all the time,

won’t give up, till he gets what he wants.


You will feel like the most important person, and you

would know that it’s because you are, in my world

see, someone like me, we don’t let people in,

so easily, so deeply, so vulnerably, so


I promise you the world,

and I will give all I can give,

You will be happy,

and miserable at times.


Most importantly,

I’ve let you in.


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