And that’s the difficult part

We stop and we start

And perhaps there isn’t even

A ‘we’ – just me, slowly realising.


I have been

Placed to hold a space

Vacant until the next

Temporary, but still I chase

Curated and deliberate texts.


It never breaks even,

rarer is love that is equal

Maybe it’s done as a favor while

Foolishly hoping for a sequel


And it’s difficult to feel

a deep sense of insecurity

suddenly come to reality

as a reminder of history.


And you say he should appreciate

That it’s an honor and a privilege

I wonder if it’s too early or too late

Do I run or stay and wait

feeling inadequate.


Consistency is the key

Sometimes I don’t see that in me.

Feeling somewhat unworthy

Figuratively, literally – unfortunately;


I’m pretty into you.




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