Be strong, girl. Like you always have been. Through all the shit that life has thrown at you. It may seem that you’re getting a lot more shit than others, but I know you, and you never one to compare so that probably doesn’t matter. Be strong, girl. You’ve always been stronger than I will ever be. I admire you for that. You’ll get through this. I wish I could say, because I did, or because I know other people did. But I don’t know anyone. That privilege is saved for you. You can be the example. You deserve more and I’ve tried to give you the best, as best as I can, and I’ll keep on trying. I apologise that my best is shit. I wish it wasn’t. But be strong, girl. And when you just can’t – I’m right here. Hello! But I must never stay too long. We understand that. But I’m right here, nevertheless. Believe. Trust. Though it’s hard – I try my best.

Be strong, girl.


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