More and more I see myself swirling down a stream into chronic depression – and no one seems to understand. Is it just a phase?


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  1. I’d say it’s a phase, simply because you still have one more hurdle to cross over; however, I wouldn’t take it lightly either. Regardless of whether you do have depression or not, I think people should listen and give you assurance that whatever lies ahead will surely end up well, provided you take control of it now, acknowledging flaws that you think may hinder you in the next few steps that you will be taking. We were once there, unwilling to admit defeat but frustrated in silence for we didn’t know what the future holds for us. It turned out just fine, even the ones who found it difficult made it in the end. My advice, believe in yourself and what you can do to make the difference.

    If the matter revolves around a much bigger issue than another semester, something we both can only do so little for the upper hand isn’t ours, understand that this could all be written already. For all we know, this could be a great test by the Lord himself, to see who would remain loyal despite the fear and uncertainty. Even without the war and disputes, some of us have already forgotten Him over worldly things. Perhaps, this is just a reminder for all of us, about who we are and what it is that we believe in, only given in the most unexpected and alarming way. As much as it seems unfair, it is one way or the other. If it is not us, it will be another group of people. The world is just in a strange manner.

    Don’t leave yourself in such a state for so long, Haziq. Work from within first, find the tranquility you need.

  2. I’m sorry this is so late, but thank you. Truly. I read and reread your comment a number of times that night and since that night. I guess I’ve always found it a bit difficult to work on myself but I’m trying.

    Hope you yourself are well in this madness of a world 🙂

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