As Self Righteous As I Am

You know that phrase, “nice guys finish last”?

Recently, I had a long discussion (if you can call it that) with a stranger over Facebook.

1. He asked me to read in between the lines of what he said. But there was nothing there. He claimed so to make it seem like I was beneath him. That his level of intelligence is far superior and I wouldn’t be able to understand the complex ideas behind his thoughts. But there was, honestly, nothing much beyond shallow and sensationalist statements.

2. He was very defensive. He was not open to ideas that were suggested to him and chose to stick by what he said. Perhaps it’s because he’s a law student, so he has learnt the art of sticking by his word even though he may have realized they were false. Either that or he’s just blinded by his own arrogance.

3. He was derogatory.

4. He lacked any hints of humanism.

5. As self-righteous as I may be, this guy was above and beyond that.

6. He is manipulative. His post gained many likes and shares over a short period of time. He sent me a friend request as he wanted proof that I was whatever he thought I was claiming to be. He claimed that his own profile had everything on public and that he had nothing to hide. He has since blocked me on Facebook. He deleted one of my comments and he edited many of his own comments. Many people commented and applauded him.

It frustrates me to no end that a guy like that has such power but wastes it completely. And why are so many following behind him?

Many of my own friends told me that it was completely pointless that I kept commenting, and I agree. But I have this innate sense of moral responsibility. I can’t help it. I get attached very quickly and feel like I have to do everything I can to get people to understand my thoughts and formulate their own. Do not accept what is given to you.


UGH. I still can’t write about this as fluently as I would like. Maybe I’ll try again later.


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