Appearances vs Reality

It’s a topic that has been discussed greatly in all of world literature, from Euripides to Shakespeare to Ariel Dorfman.

Now, I see it in my own life and I have been struck with itchy fingers and thoughts that won’t escape my mind.

How is it that appearances can differ so much from reality? What is reality? Is not the first appearance, actually our reality, which then gets distorted later? Is it even considered distortion or is it all a matter of perspective?

Within an experienced, mature looking body may be trapped the most simple, childish soul. They may speak false words to maintain the impeccable pretense, which they themselves may not be aware of. To blend in, they must adapt. But once they are comfortable, they lose all inhibitions. It is a peculiar sight. To see a grown person jumping around, absolutely thrilled, all because one uttered the words “Dinner is ready.” Simple things such as food, snacks, sweets can bring absolute euphoria to this grown man, who’s experience of more-than-enough years should have made him more susceptible to the general nonchalant that mature adults feel towards, well, life. It is hard to impress a man who has eaten 3 meals a day for many, many years with food. It becomes routine. And everything else too becomes routine. So you’d expect from this person’s appearance, that he would be less ecstatic over trivial simplicities of life. But what if they’re not. What if the words they speak and the thoughts they have, get no more complex than, “I wonder if he is mad at me because I keep poking him.” What if?

And we must not forget the other possibility. That a wise, experienced person is hiding in the body of a naive, young boy. For he has experienced, in a shorter time, the great challenges of life. He may look naive, shallow and inexperienced. He may speak childish words. But what if. If one was to fully delve into this person’s soul, they would face turbulent seas of emotions, a huge library of knowledge and a quiet space for complex thoughts regarding the simplicities of life. If food does not bring such joy to him, because it is a routine. Because it does not excite him anymore. Because he sees how the older person can indulge and he misses that feeling.

The different possibilities of combinations. The absolute unpredictability of it all. Life is beautiful, yet we humans rarely ever truly know any one person.

Appearance can also distort our perception of reality. Reality is subjective. Reality is entirely dependent upon the eyes of the beholder, and independent of everything else.

Beauty is an abstract quality but yet seems to define tangible dimensions in our reality. We are naturally more attracted to what we find beautiful. What is less beautiful in appearance, will distort our perception of its abstract beauty, beauty of within.



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