Knock Knock

Knock Knock,

Hello? Anyone home? Hellooo!

Dare I say, not many have come here before.

We do know who resides here,

but none of us have thought of coming personally,

distance has always been easy and safe,

and the tenant of this resident has always been

good at keeping in touch.

Any mail we send, though it may not be many,

would be replied to.

Sometimes, if not most times, the reply would be originally witty

funny man he was.


Knock knock! Hello!

I walk around the house, thinking

of ways I could get in, or reach him.

We haven’t been bad to him,

not exceptionally good either I guess.

We’ve been consistent.

Yes, consistent is the right word.

But how are we to know better?

He was the one who raised us so.



This is frustrating.

Where has he gone?

Why is he taking so long?

The house still looks well maintained, aged

with class and wisdom.


Is this really what it’s always like here?

No one would ever think so

it does not match the persona behind the replies to our letters

Maybe I’ll just go home,

and write him a letter.

Haziq Ariffin – 5:38am.


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