Who I am, as defined by the Internet

So a moment ago, I took some time out to actually look at the tabs I have open. It is actually so personal and you can really tell what kind of person someone is by looking at the way they use the Internet. I decided I’d try to come up with a description of what kind of person I am by taking a screenshot of my browser and dissecting it.

First, we have the choice of web browser.

I run on Google Chrome, instead of Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Chrome, I find, is minimalistic and efficient. You can add on as many extensions as you’d like but they are so hidden and don’t clutter up your browser. Also I love the ability to just search for whatever by using the Web Address bar, Chrome is smart enough to know that I want to search for that term rather than go to a site named “la la and bla.” Maybe that means I’m a curious child who loves looking things up quickly.

Next, we have the tabs.

  • Eztv – I don’t know if I should write about this as it’s kinda… illegal? Heh. I love my TV and this is probably that best site that lists all the episodes from the very first seasons of a wide range of TV shows. Right now I’m using it to fulfill my Breaking Bad appetite.
  • Youtube for Documentaries – I love watching documentaries, I used to download them but now that I have somewhat decent Internet I can just watch it online. Youtube actually has such a wide range of documentaries available. On this tab I was watching a BBC documentary on Islam and Science. I had finished Part 1 and left it open so I can continue watching the following parts later on.
  • Youtube for Music – I was listening to a band I just found, Dead Man’s Bones. Ryan Gosling’s the lead singer. I already have a crush on Gosling (yes, I am a guy, but have you seen him) and finding out that he sings was just the top of the icing. Seriously, check out their song “Lose Your Soul
  • Video Listing – coursera.org is a site I had recently found which offers online courses over a varied selection of subject areas. You just sign up and immediately have access to lectures from world class universities such as Stanford and Uni of Pennsylvania.
  • IMDB – God Bless America – I do like to watch movies, but I tend to read into what a movie is about before I watch it.
  • Dr Mahathir – documentary – You know when you’re on a site about the latest laptop or something, and end up on the wikipedia page for pears and melons? I tend to do that a lot. I can’t even remember how I got to be so intrigued by Malaysia’s former prime minister, Dr Mahathir. He is known as the father of modernisation by Malaysian’s. He has been known to be very controversial and is very strong spoken. I wanted to get to know him a little better.
  • Aman Mojadidi – is an artist that I had just gotten to know through a TED talks session. He is an American-Afghani man who is creating incredibly interesting art based on this dual-culture background. Check his site out.
  • CNN – I do like reading the news. But I am very selective. I either only read very important current affairs or articles that seem very interesting such as the one I was reading above. “Muslim for a Month – Pray-cation”

So from this, I think it just shows further my hunger for knowledge. Using the range of available media such as Youtube, online education, artist’s websites, news websites and I also enjoy my entertainment with IMDB and tv shows.

Next we have my bookmarks!

  • Tumblr – I own a Tumblr account mainly to waste some time in a manner which would essentially benefit me. I constantly find inspiration for my art through Tumblr, and it keeps my mind open to fresh, new things.
  • WordPress – Hi. Not much to say here is there? I like WordPress.
  • IDServed – Awesome website for professionals in the design world to display their works. I like to stay inspired.
  • Facebook – This is just a necessity.
  • QuietPlace – A shameful attempt at self-meditation. I constantly find myself stressed out and sites like QuietPlace and Calm.com are awesome.
  • Youtube – Hub for documentaries, music and other random hilarious content.
  • StumbleUpon – I use this in a similar way to Tumblr, however this will usually lead me to a much bigger range of media forms such as writings, videos, interactive websites and so on.
  • Philolzophy – a blog where philosophy meets pop culture. Entertaining, to say the least.

So there it is, do you think you’ve learnt anything about who I am as a person from just that?

I’m starting to think my writing sounds incredibly pretentious and I hate it.



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