Subjective Reality

How you talk about yourself to someone completely reflects what you actually think about that person.


Is what I managed to type on my small phone keyboard. I could not sleep – nothing new there. And I started to think. Let me explain (apologies if it’s not clear, it’s currently 5:30am)


Surely one’s principles and set of morals that they choose to impose upon themselves is what they truly believe is right. Someone might constantly be ever so supportive of you, always making you feel good about yourself as if you were the best human being there ever existed. When you tend to fall for people easily and find yourself stuck in a sticky emotional situation, they don’t call you a slut. They just make you think everything will be alright and be a good friend that they are.

HOWEVER, if they were to find themselves in the same situation, they say MAN, I’M SUCH A SLUT.


So aren’t they just calling you a slut too.

You get me?

I guess it’s somewhat similar to the issue of that smart kid achieving 90% not feeling good about it, yet telling you that you did an awesome job, congratulating and saying WELL DONE forever even though you only just scraped 70%.

Similar, but definitely not the same.

It gets me thinking that every individual, thinks that they are right. I’m writing all this, because at this moment in time I think that what I am writing is true. You, the reader, may agree or disagree, but whatever your opinion, you think your opinion is true.

Reality is a subjective concept, isn’t it?


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