Art is Refuge

Why do I WANT to write?

is not the same as why I write


Why I write is an invalid question

as I no longer write


As is made obvious by my lack of flow

staccato rhythm made by unnerving words


But the desire is still there

waiting to be fulfilled.


Pent up frustrations held with inhibition

better to be put in quotations

guided with punctuation

and the necessary exclamations

eradication of useless conversations

which are only filled with detestation.


That’s why I want to write

for as not to lose sight

of my thoughts and who I want to be

of how I see and how others see me.


My personal fascination with

a human’s potential for creation

thoughts and emotions from

the mind and spirit in translation.


Be it with words or with matter

be it temporary or lasting for ever

it is in the process, the state of mind

that is when I am least blinded

by cloudy emotions as they just

subtly fade into nothing more than dust.


In art I find refuge.



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