A String of Bad Luck

Today, I had to wake up really early (9.30 am) to go see a doctor about a health issue I’ve been having for a while.

I am not a morning person.

Everything seemed to be amplified – the brightness of the Sun rays beaming in through the windows, the drilling and demolishing sounds of the construction nearby and especially my mother’s voice piercing through telling me to HURRY UP.

It was a hot morning, so I left the windows open to air out my room, quickly took the essentials; iPod, phone and wallet, and left the house.

When we got to the hospital, the doctor had not even checked in to his office yet, and we were number 5 in line to see him. We had to wait more than an hour. Due to being hurried, I sulkily refused to have breakfast, and I was sat in the waiting room for that hour on an empty, grumbling stomach playing every game I had on my iPod, losing, and getting grumpier by the second.

While waiting, my phone buzzed.

A message from my brother that said

“Due to heavy rain, and your unclosed windows, a few of your things are wet. Amongst these things are: camera, film, Al Quran, printer, drawing pad, watch, books and magazines.”


My first thought was: CAMERA?!

But he told me that was fine.

Then, my second thought was, my charcoal drawings were inside that drawing pad which was right next to the window. I was worried, but really didn’t want to ask if they survived, afraid to get an answer I did not want to hear.

But he told me they were fine too.

Okay, back to the medicine. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me and sent me for a few tests: blood test, chest X-ray, and lung function test. Results were normal. So?

The doctor told me I should be fine. Yay. But that won’t really help with the sleepless nights.

Moral of today: bad things happen, be patient, be calm, think positively and just be happy.


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